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Advantages Of Corporate Ownership in Horseracing

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There are Excellent benefits when it comes to corporate racehorse ownership. Involvement in Horseracing is a great way for a company to promote their corporate profile, and provide entertainment and rewards for their clients and employees which enables a company to generate a highly attractive company profile. Corporate Ownership in Horseracing has taken a step forward in recent years and proved to be a worthwhile investment to our Clients.


Company Awareness


Corporate racehorse ownership entails promotion of the company on a number of levels. Companies can name their racehorses after themselves, or a brand they want to promote. Companies can sponsor their horse, and have the horse wear their branded logos. Corporate racehorse owners can also get the jockey to wear their corporate colours when riding the horse, another way of promoting the company. Horse racing is the UK's second largest spectator sport, with over 5 million visitors to UK racecourses and a large TV audience. These are effective ways of advertising the company name to a wider audience.


Lucrative audience


Companies are able to promote their company or their brands and products to a wide and lucrative audience. Many people involved in horse racing represent potential clientele for a company, and make an excellent client target.


Race Sponsorship


Companies can also have opportunities to sponsor horse racing events and have their own race. There are certain racecourses that offer corporate sponsorship packages that companies can purchase. Sponsors are entitled to their own hospitality boxes and they can invite guests, including clients. Companies can even name a race that they sponsor after the company's name. Sponsoring a horse racing event enables media coverage and further boosts a company's corporate profile. If the event that is sponsored is at a racecourse like York, there would be even better media coverage and exposure.




Corporate racehorse ownership also enables a company to provide entertainment for clients and employees. Horse racing events have always represented an opportunity for entertainment. Owning a horse that will partake in a race will certainly make the experience a more exciting one. Companies that own horses can have access to racecourse hospitality facilities, which they can entertain their clients with as well. There are also opportunities to reward employees. Altogether, the experience can boost company morale in many ways.


Possible Financial Gain


Owning a racehorse comes with the prospect of having a winning horse, and this can benefit the company in a number of ways. It entails financial gain for the company, and also further promotes the company. Having a successful racehorse at racecourses like Redcar or Newcastle will certainly benefit the company.



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